'The honey bee's wings stroke at 200 beats per second, thus creating their trademark Buzz' 

Here at Buzz, our team of specialist consultants provide expert support to develop and improve educational practice in your organisation. 

We are passionately committed to raising the achievement of children, young people and adult learners. Our aim is for every organisation to be a place where outstanding teaching and learning happens.

We flourish in all areas of education, business, and commerce, guiding your organisation to deliver successful educational training programs and initiatives. 



While many organisations invest heavily in improving the quality of education and training, they often don’t reach their predicted potential that justifies that investment.

Our team of fully qualified and experienced consultants will quickly learn about your context and work for you, bringing evidenced based solutions at the pace you need them.

'Honey is the only food that includes all substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals and water: It's the only food  containing Pinocembrin, an antioxidant associated with improved brain function.'



Support whole school development

Improve quality of education with bespoke improvement packages and support services  
Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance

Teaching and learning
Behaviour and Attitudes
THRIVE advice and training to improve progress, personal development, behaviour and attitudes
SEND support to improve pupil progress and outcomes, revolutionise SEND Practice
Mental Health Well being
Enterprise Education
Alternative Curriculum & Pedagogy
Professional Coaching at all levels
Staff Professional Development training
Independent investigation and report writing services



'When bees find a good source of nectar, they fly back to the hive to show their friends where the nectar source is by doing a dance which positions the flower in relation to the sun and hive. This is known as the Waggle Dance.’


Jane Townsend. Principle - Easton + Otley College

You have made an amazing impact to all the staff at the college, in particular your work with all staff on Teaching and Learning & Behaviour and Attitudes in the Classroom. Feedback from all colleagues has been inspirational and aspiring. On behalf of all of us thank you for all you have done.



'By definition an apiary is a location where beehives are kept; however, structure may vary by location and needs of the individual operation.'

Buzz Education Consultancy Ltd 

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